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Our Trusted Partners

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    Garment 10 Corporation
    Garco 10 is a joint stock company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam with 70 years of history. Garco 10 is one of the Vietnam’s leading manufacturer and exporter of garments.
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    LEVICK is the leading public relations firm in the US. LEVICK has directed integrated communications campaigns in the highest-profile global matters for more than two-dozen countries and hundreds of companies worldwide.
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    Thai Tuan Group
    ThaiTuan is one of the leading Vietnamese textile enterprises specializing in producing jacquard, plain from polyester, spandex and visco, etc using advanced technologies transferred from Japan and the EU.
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    Kurth Lampe
    Kurth Lampe is a Chicago-based strategic communications firm. For nearly two decades Kurth Lampe has provided clients with wide ranging services such as public relations and communications strategies; campaign and media relations.
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    Me Trang Coffee Jsc.
    Me Trang Coffee Jsc is one of the best coffee producers in Vietnam and the pioneer in providing organic coffee products in the country. Me Trang is the only coffee product to serve the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) in 2017.