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James Rhodes
Vice President

James Rhodes, a Vietnam veteran, acquired a Ph.D. in Humanities and served two tours as a United States State Department Fulbright specialist educator in Vietnam.
In addition to receiving an M.A. from Webster University, Webster's founders, the Sisters of Loretto, presented Jim with their annual award for global social justice due to Jim's work in Vietnam on behalf of Vietnamese victims of herbicidal poisons. Jim received a B.S. in history, and criminal justice from San Jose State in California. During his teaching career, Jim has taught veteran inmates in the California and Arizona state prison systems; undergraduates in Italy, Mexico, and Vietnam.
Jim is now Vice Chief of the Coweta Creek Confederacy - the direct descendants of the original Coweta Creek Confederacy that escaped President Jackson's genocide and forced relocation to Oklahoma. Jim has large connection network within the 566 Native American tribes legally recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) of the United States.

Let's remember that from 1814-1832 all Indians were removed from Iowa by the ‘illegal aliens’ from Europe and America. Now these same folks want to remove other people they deem to be “illegal”. Somewhat of a sad comic irony.
James Rhodes