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About Us

VietHome provides a two-way pathway for investors and businesses from Vietnam and America to connect with one another as well as find potential buyers and suppliers for a successful trade across borders. VietHome also partners with leading public relations firms that deploy uniquely qualified teams - armed with the instincts, influence, and experience needed to solve all of its clients' communication needs.

Meet The Team
  1. Executive Director
    Anh Dam
    Chief Legal Officer
  2. Executive Director
    Tung Nguyen
  3. Executive Director
    Hung Tran
  4. Executive Director
    James Rhodes
    Vice President
  5. Executive Director
    Thomas Jandl
    Vice President
  6. Executive Director
    Judd Pickering
    Vice President
  7. Executive Director
    Bon Hoang
    Vice President
  8. Executive Director
    Nina Rhodes
    Vice President
  9. Executive Director
    Hanh Nguyen
    Chief Info Officer